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root@Dvn404NotFun~ $Username : *******
root@Dvn404NotFun~ $Password : *******
root@Dvn404NotFun~ $LOGIN SUCCES!
root@Dvn404NotFun~ $Say Hello To The World! Dvn404NotFun was here
root@Dvn404NotFun~ $ Its not one Hacker, Its not one Team, But Various HackerVarious Teams from all over the World are participating in this Operation!
root@Dvn404NotFun~ $Anonymous hacktivists from all over the world also started #OpIsrael
root@Dvn404NotFun~ $after the country Israel started intensifying its attacks against Palestine.
root@MDvn404NotFun~ $Within few hours of the operation lunched, close to 100 websites defaced
root@Dvn404NotFun~ $join us..

Whoever you are…
Whoever you are…
Whoever you are…

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and a number of government sites have suffered temporary disruptions because of distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) and deface attacks launched against them as part of OpIsrael. If you want to help people feel Palestinian war against Israel in shape but you have no access to jump into Gaza War…
Please Follow Us In A CYBER WAR Against

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